The Danny Glover Scholarship goes to...

The 2023 Danny Glover Scholarship was awarded at the Bergenfield Little League Picnic on June 3rd to this year’s recipient: Michael Roman.

The 2024 Danny Glover Scholarship was awarded at the Bergenfield Little League Picnic on June 1st to this year’s recipient: Kayla Porter.

A Special Note from the Glover Family:

Dear Little League Board, Volunteers, and Players,

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since you honored Danny by renaming the scholarship in his name, and we don't know how to thank you enough for such a tribute. 

Danny excelled in wrestling, but baseball was truly his favorite sport.  I recently came across so many of his writings from grammar school, HS, and yes even college, and the topics are about players in baseball, the fun he had, the playing, the friends he made and how he wished that if he could be any famous person alive or deceased, it would have been Mickey Mantle (strictly just for his baseball talents), not his way of life always.

I wish this donation could be more, but please know it comes from the bottom of our hearts and the love that is behind it.  Please feel free to apply it where ever you see fit.  May you all have a wonderful season and as Danny did love the game.

Play with your heart, and most of all have fun. Danny was the King of having fun and did it with such flare it was contagious.

Karyn, Ray, & Kristian Glover

From all of us at Bergenfield Little League, thank you to the Glover family for their generous donation to the league!

The Danny Glover Scholarship Award:

The Bergenfield Little League will offer a $1,000 non-renewable scholarship to any graduate of Bergenfield Little League who played a minimum of three years on the Minor and/or Major League level.

1.      The candidate must be a graduating senior of any public or private high school, regardless of school location.

2.     The candidate must be accepted for the fall term at a four-year college or university, a two year college, or a technical/vocational school. (Proceeds of scholarship will be made directly to the school or the Bergenfield Scholarship Fund for distribution).

3.     The candidate will be available for an interview, if requested.

4.     The final decision will be at the discretion of the Bergenfield Little League Scholarship Committee.  

Bergenfield Little League has partnered with the Bergenfield High School Guidance department for the scholarship application process.

Please consult the Bergenfield High School Guidance department for completing the scholarship application and the associated due date.

Annual Danny Glover scholarship recipient will be presented at the annual Bergenfield Little League picnic.